6 lights in 1

The Illuminator fits into each of the surrounding lenses and modifiers.6in1-v2

 With modules to precisely vary every aspect of the light,

your artistry is finally unbounded.



The Illuminator

No Gloves, No Sweat, No Compromise



  • Over 10,000 Lumens using only 120-watts
  • no heat on subject
  • silent operation
  • great color rendition
  • absolutely flicker free
  • ultra light-weight.
  • Rugged all-aluminum construction
  • Beautifully pure, smooth beam quality
  • Highly controllable and shapable
  • f-stop dimming aka digital-scrim
  • battery power from camera batteries
  • The Lux LED Illuminator accepts umbrellas directly



 Have you ever been on a shoot and wanted a different light?


In lighting for a desired look, I found that bringing in many different instruments and sculpting them with grip equipment took a long time. Typically I had to settle for less to stay on schedule. I wanted one light that could quickly transform to handle any situation.

-Pete Smith, Hexolux Founder

D7-side-grad555All of these qualities are now embodied in the Hexolux D7:

  • A daylight LED more efficient than an HMI with impeccable light quality
  • A Fresnel that zooms from 11-70º
  • A Soft-Light that out-performs panels
  • An umbrella light for huge soft throw
  • A tilt-shift lens to light evenly from an angle for groups, green screen, or movement
  • A small practical light for china-balls, car interiors, etc
  • A battery powered light for challenging locations and fast setups



Most Efficient

A revolution in efficiency and flexibility.

Tech Specs

Highest Quality Light

Purest white, cinematographer’s dream.


Drop-In Replacement

Upgrade Legacy Fresnels to Daylight in 2 min.






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